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Superior Replacement Windows in Scottsdale is a commercial window supplier with services including repair, replacement and installation. Window replacement for offices, retail space and warehouses is critical to maintaining security, energy efficiency, protection and aesthetics. Commercial property owners in Scottsdale have grown to trust Superior Replacement Windows when planning to replace windows on a building. We’ve handled projects Kierland Commons, The Scottsdale Quarter, The Esplanade, DC Ranch, Grayhawk, McCormick Ranch, Four Seasons in Scottsdale and Gainey Ranch.

Glass breakage can be caused by a number of key factors that compromise the structural integrity of the glazing. Binding of the glass frame has been shown to result in thermal changes, which generates stresses as the glass expands and contracts. Inadequate glass thickness is another key contributing factor that may lead to breakage as the surface fails to cope with wind load. Additional causes of office windows breakage include thermal stresses and internal defects.

Energy-Efficient Window Options

Energy Efficient Commercial Windows Scottsdale AZ

Energy Efficient Commercial Windows

Superior Replacement Windows has a full range of dual pane windows that use energy efficient coatings to limit UV exposure and heat transfer. Selecting the wrong glass material may compromise energy efficiency. It is important for business to invest in energy-efficient windows that help reduce utility bills while also providing an aesthetically pleasing environment for employees and customers.

There are additional ways to improve energy efficiency. These include adding storm windows, applying special treatment or coverings, weatherstripping and caulking.

Ordinary windows are known to cause heat gain and heat loss, which undermines the building’s energy usage. Office window replacement products with a low U-Value provide adequate resistance to heat flow, thus providing superior insulation. Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) is used to measure the amount of heat that passes through glass.

Types of Window Frames

Window frames come in a wide variety from which to choose. Wood and vinyl frames are some of the most common options available on the market. Additional materials used in the manufacturing of frames include fiberglass and aluminum.

Types of Commercial Glass

Some of the types of glass available to buyers include single and double pane glass, low-e glass, laminated glass and tempered glass. Low-E glass has the capacity to provide year-round interior comfort and energy savings. Laminated glass provides better safety characteristics thanks to the plastic interlayer.

Tempered glass is used in many commercial window repair projects that require enhanced strength. This type of glass can have a surface compression of between 3,500 and 10,000 PSI depending on the level of strengthening.

Security Glass

When it comes to security glass, building owners have multiple options, including bullet-proof glass, laminated glass and grid glass.

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is designed to provide better safety and security. It is a high performance glass that boasts impressive impact resistance properties. This option is well suited to many applications in the commercial world. Manufacturers bond multiple panes of glass (typically two or three) using a durable interlayer. The plastic interlayer strengthens the glazing by improving penetration resistance properties.

In addition, the glass does not shatter when it breaks because it tends to remain attached to the frame. This is aimed at reducing the risk of injury. Tempered glass is one of the safest glazing options available on the market. It is resistant to breakage than other types of glass. In the event of a breakage, it fractures into small pieces, which does not increase the risk of injury.

Metal Grid Glass

This type of glass is reinforced by wire mesh, which helps redirect crack stresses in a horizontal fashion. As a result, any impact induced stresses dissipate from the surface. It has significant fire-resistant properties and boasts a high rating for its ability to withstand heat and hose streams. This type of glass is widely used on service elevators.

The wire mesh has the capacity to prevent the glazing from falling out of the frame regardless of thermal stress.

Bulletproof Glass

Also known as ballistic glass or transparent armor, this glass is designed to resist penetration when struck. However, it does not provide virtual protection. It comes with hardened layers of glass that incorporate multiple glass materials. The softer layer allows the glazing to retain elasticity, thus prevent shattering. The glass is available in varying thickness, which ranges from 3/4 to 3-1/2 inches (19 to 89 mm).

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Enlisting the services of a professional glazier is a surefire way to ensure superior workmanship. A good company has a solid track record, provides liability insurance and offers reliable service at reasonable prices.

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