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Superior Replacement Windows is a glass door supplier in Scottsdale, providing sliding glass doors, glass entry doors, exterior glass doors and interior glass doors for homes and luxury properties where an open and modern look is desired. Tempered glass is used in all cases for glass doors to meet building safety codes and can come in a variety of finishes for both privacy and security. Typically the size of the door will dictate the thickness of the glass required to provide adequate strength.

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Sliding Glass Door Roller Repair Scottsdale

Glass Door Roller Repair

Glass doors are susceptible to damage that causes the door hardware to no longer function or the glass to break. Superior Replacement Windows can fix damaged rollers, replace worn out hardware and replace broken glass. Because tempered glass is involved, glass replacement is required when a glass door is cracked or broken. Glass replacement can be performed on pivot doors, hinged glass doors, patio doors and arcadia doors.

It is an extremely rare event to see one of these doors fail, and it is almost always a result of extreme external stress applied to them. If someone were to use a brick on the bottom corner of the door to block it open and then try to slam the door shut, it could shatter it. This is one reason why glass entry doors have hydraulic buffers installed on them– so they cannot be slammed but close at a sedate but safe pace. Gunfire can shatter some, but not all, of these doors. Hurricane force winds ripping a 2×4 off the building project next door and smashing it into the door at 95 mph will probably do the trick, but someone losing their balance and falling into it will most likely not.

Still, repairing one of these tempered glass doors when they do break is a messy and time-consuming job. The door shatters into thousands of little cubic pieces of safety glass. Next, the opening has to be temporarily boarded up or secured in some other fashion. Because tempered glass cannot be cut to fit and most of these doors are custom sized units, the replacement glass will have to be manufactured to the correct size before it can be installed.

As a full service glass door contractor, removal of the broken door glass and installation of the new glass door is always included in our pricing and we warranty both the door

Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding Glass Door Replacement Scottsdale Scottsdale AZ

Sliding Glass Door Replacement

Since they are double-walled glass, it is not uncommon to only break one pane or the other, which leaves you with a mostly-functional door until you can get the sliding glass door repair guy out there to fix it. Yet it still needs to be done for both safety’s sake as well as to restore its insulation value.


This is a fairly simple process, assuming you just want the exact same type of glass back in it. However, you may choose to replace your broken door with something that offers a little more energy efficiency, resistance to sunlight fading your carpets, or even something in a different tint or color. At Superior Replacement Windows, there are many glass and finishing options available.

Since most sliding glass doors are manufactured in a series of standard sizes, it is not difficult to either remove the broken pane and replace it with a fresh one or to simply replace the entire door itself by lifting the old one out and installing a new one in its place. This second option means that sliding glass door replacement can be accomplished in just a matter of an hour.

Residential Entry & Exterior Glass Doors

Of course sliders are not the only type of exterior glass doors on the market. Glass entry doors have come a long way since the time when sliding glass doors that led out onto your patio was the only option there was. What was once a utilitarian access option has finally come into its own right and become more of an instrument of clever architectural design rather than simply a big hole to easily get large items through.

Swing opening glass entry doors have come into widespread use in office and commercial settings, both interior and exterior. The reasons why this is so are not hard to ferret out. They simply add a note of elegance and modernity to any building blessed with their installation.

Because of the fact that they are unsupported structures, glass entry doors are made out of exceptionally thick tempered glass that is a minimum of a half-inch in thickness. This provides them with the rigidity necessary to stand erect on their hinges without the need of any supporting structure made out of wood, fiberglass, metal, or some form of composite material. It also means that those hinges have to be extremely well-engineered, since those big glass doors can weigh a lot more than regular doors do.

Hiring A Glass Door Contractor

The installation of engineered glass like a glass entry door should be only performed by a well-qualified glass door supplier. Something as minor as making a quarter-inch mistake in measuring for a replacement can mean the difference between success and failure. Your glass door repair contractor should be knowledgeable and professional like the glaziers at Superior Replacement Windows in Scottsdale, Arizona. We can also provide household glass like table top glass and mirrors. To learn more about our glass door shop in Scottsdale, please visit us:

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