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Superior Replacement Windows is Scottsdale’s premier glass shower enclosure contractor, providing repair, replacement and installation for bathroom remodeling and new construction. Since 2010, our glaziers have installed some of the most luxurious custom glass showers in DC Ranch, Grayhawk, Troon, McDowell Mountain Ranch, McCormick Ranch, Gainey Ranch, Old Town Scottsdale, North Scottsdale and many other neighborhoods in Scottsdale. We work direct with homeowners, remodeling contractors and general contractors to provide the latest in shower designs and affordability.

If you are looking for a complete range of custom frameless and framed glass shower doors and tub enclosures, you are at right place. Our range of shower glass includes an unlimited number of designs to suit all styles and budgets. These are carefully designed to give your bathroom an exceptional look. You are likely to find glass shower enclosure ideal for your new bathroom design.

Replacement Glass Shower Doors

Custom Glass Shower Enclosures Scottsdale AZ

Custom Frameless Glass Shower Enclosures

Similar to sliding glass doors, glass shower doors are made of tempered safety glass and, when they break, cannot be repaired and must be replaced. The pivoted models are better known as swinging or hinge doors. Our uniquely engineered shower door frames can be frameless and semi-frameless, to best suit your bathroom needs. The hinged model opens almost like any other traditional door. Particularly manufactured to be steam resistant, these doors are come with various types of pivot door hinges. We specialize in framed steam doors and these are popular amongst our customers for the tight seal which can hold steam in for a long time that almost creates a spa like environment in your bathroom!

Our glass shower doors have the following features:

• Toughened or tempered safety glass that is much like the glass used in automobiles and airplanes. This glass requires a considerably large impact to break.
• These doors are made with thick glass that is customized to suit your needs, keep you warm and protect you at all times.
• You can customize your shower enclosure to your liking.

Glass shower door replacement:

As a trusted shower door supplier, we also provide expert glass repair services! With us, getting a damaged or broken door replaced is very easy. If your broken shower screen poses a safety risk, call us for glazier and glass contractor services. We will be there at your doorstep.

Custom Frameless Glass Shower Enclosures

Enhance the visual appeal of your bathroom with a frameless enclosure. These washroom fitments are affordable, stylish and neat to look at. You can choose to reduce the overall expenditure by finding a glass design professional for free consultations.

Hardware Options For Frameless Shower Enclosure

Superior Replacement Windows offers a complete range of hardware in chrome, brushed nickel and bronze finishes to match any bathroom decor:
• Door handles on the surface of your glass, to easily enter and exit your shower
• Towel bars to keep towels handy
• Glass hinges to secure your door in place
• A final finish for a luxurious appeal with colors like brass, bronze, nickel, and chrome.

Framed Vs. Frameless Glass Shower Enclosures

Framed shower enclosures traditionally feature metal frames. The surrounding panels are generally tempered, textured or laminated glass. Such metal frames are absent in frameless enclosures. Hence the edges, top, bottom, sides and joints, parts of the partition, are left with gaps or stay exposed.

Glass Shower Enclosure Installation Services Scottsdale AZ

Semi-Frameless Glass Shower Enclosure

  • Benefits of framed enclosure:

  •  • The main benefit of a framed enclosure is low cost.
    • These fittings do not have gaps in between the glass panels.
    • Steam stays locked within, creating a spa-like ambience.
    • It is durable and longer lasting.

Drawbacks of framed enclosure:

  • • There are just way too many parts for an untrained mind to comprehend.
    • It requires professional installation.

Benefits of a frameless enclosure:

  • • It gives a sleek and modern look.
    • It has a sturdy build and an easy-to-operate design
    • It is easier to scrub, clean and maintain.
    • It has a see-through look.
    • It allows you to show off the precious tile work.
    • It comes with an adorable and clutter free minimalistic design.
    • There is no distraction from other design details in washroom.
    • It allows natural light in.
    • It can make a small bathroom look spacious.
    • It has a longer life.

Drawbacks of a frameless enclosure:

  • The glass is very heavy and not easy for a single person to handle.
  • It needs professional installation.

Glass Shower Installation

We are expert shower door suppliers and we have designed and installed custom frameless shower doors in the showers of several satisfied clients. Over the years, we have developed, perfected and simplified the installation process. So, relax! You can trust your shower doors with us!

Glass Tub Enclosures

We deal in both framed and frameless models of glass tub enclosures. If you already have a tub, it does not mean that your shower has a perfect look. A shower curtain will not give your private getaway that classy look. So, it’s time to upgrade to a glass tub enclosure.

Hiring A Professional Glazier

Installation and replacement of shower glass frames and doors is tricky. So, always hire a professional for the job.Call us to hire a skilled glazier and get that door installed today! Our licensed experts will inspect the site, use the right tools and equipment, and even clean up afterwards.

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