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Dual Pane Replacement Windows

Superior Replacement Windows offers a full range of dual pane replacement windows for residential and small commercial buildings. Customers can choose from the most respected manufacturers such as Solar Industries, Milgard, Ply Gem, Jen-Weld and IWC. For a majority of the homes in the older sections of Scottsdale (south Scottsdale and Old Town), the Solar Industries replacement windows are an excellent choice because they deliver all the features you’d expect from a high-end window but at an affordable price. For higher-end homes where a name brand window is expected, Milgard and Ply Gem have the most features that can be upgraded to meet higher levels of performance and modern design. For example, different coatings can be applied to enhance the low-e performance of the glass or a thicker pane of glass can be added to the interior of the window to dampen sound and make the window quieter.

When choosing among different types of windows, most homeowners focus on elements like the attractiveness, openness, or color and design. These elements are important, but you can’t neglect other more technical aspects that will define the true quality of the window like solar UV protection, energy efficiency and sound elimination. Windows can also be customized with anti-reflective coatings, like Low-e, which blocks out ultraviolet lighting, helps to conserve energy, and has been proven to save on energy bills. Superior Replacement Windows can walk you through the various brands and options to make the best choice based on the goals of the remodeling project and the property involved. We also handle removal of the outdated windows and window installation of the new windows.

Why Upgrade to Energy Efficient Windows?

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Remodeling With Energy Efficient Windows

Skyrocketing energy bills that continue to increase have popularized the reason to upgrade from single pane windows to energy efficient replacement windows. In fact,  windows are directly responsible for up to 30 percent of your home’s comfort. As homeowners become more aware of ways to minimize energy loss with energy efficient glass, and reduce household consumption, they begin to exert more control over their utility costs.

Generally, when homes are built, home builders install low cost single pane windows or “builder grade” windows that are not as energy efficient or degrade over time. Double-glazed windows insulate twice as well as a single pane window glass. Improving the quality of insulation, measured as R value decreases utility costs and reduces your carbon footprint and emissions of the house. The R-value of the glass is part of the overall rating of the energy efficiency of the window.

The average family spends close to $3,000 a year on electricity bills, and just by upgrading from single-pane windows to double-pane, you could drastically reduce your energy costs by half, each month.

For example, it’s easy for homeowners to diminish energy loss by simply upgrading from a single glass pane:

  • by 34% if replaced by aluminum windows and dual pane
  • up to 51% if replaced by PVC windows and double pane

Conserve more energy. Double-glazed windows or insulated glass have an air space between the panels that are filled with various substances, like argon or krypton, which insulates against the loss of heat in the winter, and cooling in the summer. By reducing heating and cooling loss by up to 50 percent, insulated glass windows will help to conserve natural resources through reduced power consumption.

Minimize condensation. Condensation control is another important advantage of double pane windows. Windows that are energy efficient keep glass surfaces and window frames in the house warmer. The windows and walls are then more effective in retaining more heat, and condensation is less likely to form on interior windows.

Complete windows come in any shape, size and a variety of styles. There are also effective models that meet every feature you can imagine. Not only are everyday styles available, there are special models that use the same energy-efficient technology.

PVC Windows vs. Aluminum Windows

In the past, aluminum window frames were the standard for residential replacement windows. Today, PVC window frames have become more popular than others because they reduce the thermal bridge from the outside of the home to the interior. New building code requirements are forcing remodelers and builders to choose PVC frames and, as a result, aluminum has become more expensive and take longer to manufacture. Each of these materials has its own characteristics in terms of thermal and sound insulation.

Aluminum frames are a material that allows greater diversity of shapes and sizes for a wide variety of specific designs. Key Benefits that stand out is the affordability and minimal maintenance. It does not corrode or deteriorate, and can be easily cleaned with water, soap and a soft cloth.

PVC frames are more affordable. This option uses a chemical combination of carbon, hydrogen and chlorine is what is known as polyvinyl chloride. The main feature is that it is an electrically and thermally non-conductive material, that is, it is a natural insulator. It is also an excellent acoustic insulator, has high impact strength, and more than 65% of PVC applications have a very long life.

To improve the thermal insulation of your home, the most suitable material for windows is PVC because it can save up to 50% in utility costs, yet aluminum also outperforms from other materials in terms of customization because it has more possibilities for decoration in colors and textures.

Tempered Glass vs. Annealed Glass

Tempered glass is considered a safety glass because of its resistance to breakage. Windows that are within 24 inches of a doorway must be tempered to meet building code. When broken, tempered glass disintegrates into small fragments of rounded edges that do not cause lacerations. Tempered glass is used for store front and office windows. It’s recommended before purchasing this type of window, check with a window supplier since the thickness of this glass may not be adequate for your installation.

Annealed glass is the most basic product of flat glass, also called “float” glass by manufacturers. It’s budget-friendly, but it’s prone to breakage and it can be dangerous. If broken, raw jagged edges can easily cause harm, thus this glass is carefully considered when choosing placement.

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