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Scottsdale Storefront Glass Replacement Services

As part of our commercial glass services, Superior Replacement Windows specializes in fixing and replacing storefront glass and windows. Commercial office complexes in Scottsdale, Arizona often have single or dual pane windows and glass entry doors to provide a modern professional look to the building. Office windows provide lighting and more appealing work environment for employees and visiting customers. Superior Replacement Windows helps to maintain, repair and replace broken storefront windows and glass panes.

We offer emergency glass services that include removal of the broken storefront glass, boarding up or securing of the window opening and replacement of the broken glass with a new glass panel.

Different types of glass and frames can be used for the installation of storefront windows. The right choice will depend on the conditions in and around the store. Below are some of the common types for your consideration:

Storefront Glass Options

Storefront glass must be of high quality, excellent strength, and pristine beauty. Anything less can be a detriment to the business. Commercial establishments deal exclusively with specialists to make sure that they are getting the best possible panels. They know that it is not wise to skimp or take shortcuts.

Commercial Storefront Glass Replacement Scottsdale AZ

Commercial Storefront Glass Replacement


This is by far the most popular type of glass for use in stores. The panels have undergone heat or chemical treatments to toughen them up. They are therefore more durable than regular untreated varieties. This is crucial in places that come into frequent contact with humans. Bumps and other minor incidents will not be a problem. Most will come in single pane configuration and will be a quarter of an inch thick. Glass entry doors will usually be made of tempered glass. The same is true for panels that are within 24 inches of openings to comply with building codes.

Insulated Dual Pane

If the store’s location is exposed to a great deal of sunlight, then insulation will be an issue. The interior may overheat in the summer due to the scorching sun. The air conditioning unit will have to work hard to keep things comfortable. This means increased energy consumption and rising electric bills. Using double pane glass can improve insulation and energy efficiency. Low emissivity or Low E glass may also be used to further block heat from entering the space.


This is another type of toughen glass for heavy-duty purposes. Instead of heat treatment, this time the added durability comes from a material like polyvinyl that is sandwiched between two glass panels. This middle layer is able to keep everything bonded together in place, even in the event of a traumatic hit. For instance, burglars will not be able to break through the glass wall by smashing it with hard objects. A web of cracks may emerge but the structure will remain solid, thus preventing the entry of unwanted individuals. A glass door replacement can then be ordered later.

Security and Specialty Glass

Several types of security and specialty glass exist as options for storefront use. A shop owner might go for tinted glass in an attempt to reduce solar heat and protect against ultraviolet rays. This can also enhance safety and privacy for strategic locations. Polyester films may also be applied to glass as a retrofit product if there is a need to further strengthen the panels. Security glass can be installed which is bullet proof or a metal wire mesh glass be used where added strength is desired.

Storefront Window Frame Options

The material has to be chosen carefully as it will have a massive impact on the durability, weight, and thickness of the frame. It will also have to fit with the structural and insulation requirements of the place. Of course, the price will also differ with each.

Storefront Glass Services Scottsdale AZ

Storefront Glass Services


Aluminum frames are the most popular type of storefront windows in Scottsdale. It is lightweight, versatile, durable, strong, low maintenance, and resistant to corrosion. For these reasons, most commercial establishment prefer aluminum above other materials. The only real issue with it is its thermal conductivity. The impact is minimized through compact frame designs with as little surface area as possible.


This is much heavier than aluminum but it is sturdy and cheap. Some variants are able to withstand moisture and corrosion though a coat of paint is often applied as a precaution.


Wood is a timeless construction material that can be used in almost any application. However, it may prove to be too costly to maintain and difficult to manufacture for demanding commercial applications. Sometimes bronze is used to provide a strong and long-lasting framing alternative that mimic the warmth of wood.

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Storefront glass installation must be carefully planned and executed by industry professionals for best results. The same is true for repair and storefront glass replacement. Superior Replacement Windows offers emergency glass services to minimize the disruption in operations. Vandalism and other forms of damage to the panels will be fixed immediately to protect the inventory and secure the premises.

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