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We are leaders in designing and cutting custom glass in your Scottsdale home. Our glaziers can build almost anything for your home out of glass including glass panels for table tops, custom bathroom mirrors and glass shelving for display hutches. Challenge us with your custom glass project!

Residential glass is not just for windows anymore. These days, glass is being used to elevate the design of home décor, from tabletops to kitchen counters, to custom mirrors. Tabletop glass adds a cool modern and sophisticated look to a space. As tempered glass comes in a variety of thicknesses, depending on its application, it can be completely customized for any size or item in the home.

Custom Table Top Glass

Custom Glass Table Tops Scottsdale AZ

Custom Glass Table Tops

Table glass for a dining room table would be thick as it will endure heavy use. Custom tabletops are a great option for those stuck with a sentimental piece that they feel obligated to keep, but don’t like that it doesn’t suit their décor. Refinishing those kinds of pieces and adding a custom tabletop can give you a completely new look, while still holding on to that piece’s sentimental value. Coffee tables and accent tables can also have glass tops, and often, a client will love a table but want a more modern look. Enlisting the help of an in-home service where a consultant will come out and measure the piece/space is an easy and quick way to ensure the fit is perfect. Having a custom tabletop made is an excellent option for people who love a certain piece but want to jazz it up a bit to better fit their current décor style. Desks are also becoming popular items to have custom glass tabletops made for. An especially popular use for a glass top is on desks with a map, fabric, or artwork mounted on the desk’s top; adding a glass top helps preserve the surface, while also adding a unique framing element for the unique display.

Because we can help create any design, the possibilities are endless. We can cut glass from a design pattern or come to your home and measure the furniture you wish to build and take the dimensions back to our glass shop for fabrication. We’ve completed projects for game tables, coffee tables, office desks, breakfast tables, dining room tables and outdoor patio tables. The thickness of the table glass has the biggest impact on price and can vary based on the size, shape and support the glass is receiving from the furniture piece.

Custom Mirrors

Custom Mirror Shop Scottsdale AZ

Custom Bathroom Mirrors

Custom mirrors are ideal when wanting to customize a space to perfectly suit your needs. If you have a larger-than-average sink in a bathroom, you will want a larger-than-average size mirror to complement it. Custom glass mounted on the back of a door is also a great alternative, in small spaces, where there is not enough room for a full-length size free-standing mirror. Mirrors are great for creating the illusion of space, so are the perfect choice in small spaces where reflections give a space a light and airy feel. Mirrors can be square, rectangular, curved or have a beveled edge depending on the desired look. Mirrors come in a range of thicknesses and mounting styles so its best to consult with one of our glaziers to determine the best design for your application.

Mirrors are not just for bathrooms and can be mounted throughout the home to create a unique look that is also functional. Mirrors make rooms feel bigger and can also be used to attractively display keepsakes and family heirlooms. Many of our customers have built display cases into existing cutouts in their interior walls. What was once non-functional space is now being used to display pictures, figurines and trophies. If you can imagine it, we can build it. In addition to the mirror glass, other types of glass can also be added to the display to provide a texture or decorative glass look. Obscure or rain glass are examples of glass that can be used to provide a focal point on the items being displayed in front of the mirror.


Glass Shelving

Custom Glass Shelving Scottsdale AZ

Custom Glass Shelving

Glass shelving is a great option, especially in small spaces, as it reflects light and aids in creating an open feel. Glass shelving can also be stunning when lighting is added and is a fabulous way to create a display of treasured items or collections. Display cabinets, corner units and hutches are great places for glass shelving where the glass does not detract from the items being displayed. Adding glass shelving in a home bar area is also very popular, and as more and more people are opting for custom built-in units, custom glass for shelving is also in demand.

So put your call in to Superior Replacement Windows today, and start thinking of all those new and unique uses for custom glass. From glass tabletops to shelving, to custom mirrors, the options are endless. With their popular in-home service, from measurement to installation, getting the perfect piece of custom glass for your home is a cinch.

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